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Sympathetic and accurate pruning carried out by qualified tree surgeons.


Sympathetic and accurate pruning carried out by qualified tree surgeons. At Three Pears Tree Care, we pride ourselves on the ability of our tree surgeons to carry out accurate, sympathetic and aesthetically-pleasing pruning. Whilst pruning can be used to rejuvenate trees, it can also be used to restore, as part of risk management, to reduce the likelihood of branch, stem, and /or root failure.

Pruning services include:

Often undertaken when the crown of a tree needs to be reduced in size to fit with its environment. The work should retain the main framework of the crown.
Removal of a portion of smaller branches, usually at the outer crown, to produce a uniform density of foliage around an evenly spaced branch structure.
Crown lifting is the removal of the lowest branches and/or preparing of lower branches for future removal. It should be restricted to less than 15% of the live crown height and leave the crown at least two thirds of the total height of the tree.
Minor pruning during the early years of a tree’s growth to establish the desired form and/or to correct defects or weaknesses that may affect its structure in later life.
Often undertaken when non-living branches, or stems, have died due to natural ageing or external influences. Deadwood provides essential habitats for wildlife, so shortening, or removing, only those that pose a risk is essential.
The initial removal of the top of a young tree at a prescribed height to encourage multi-stem branching from that point. Once started, it should be repeated on a cyclical basis always retaining the initial pollard point, or bolling, as it becomes known.
Is the cutting and removing of selected parts of a fruit tree to ensure a good cycle of fruiting wood. It should be carried out in the winter months (November – March) Stone fruits (that is cherries, plums, apricots and peaches ) should be pruned in early summer.
Established hedges require trimming to keep them dense and compact. Formal hedges require more frequent trimming than informal hedges.
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