Stump grinding and Treatment

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Stump Grinding & Treatment

Removal or treatment of tree stumps

Our tree surgeons can advise you on the most appropriate method to remove, or treat, the tree stump(s). Depending upon your requirements, whether you intend to plant again in that area, or intend to leave the stump, but require it to be treated to prevent regeneration, we can help you to make an informed decision that suits you.

Our stump grinding and treatment services include:

Our arborists can remove any size stump for you using plant machinery called a stump grinder.
Eco-plugs, which contain a granular glyphosate (herbicide), are drilled into the cut surface of the stump to minimise root and stump sprouting.
Certain aggressive parasitic fungi, such as Honey fungus (Armillaria), can compromise the health of plants and then decay the deadwood afterwards. By completely removing the stump, you are likely to minimise the spread of disease.
Our arborists can give you free advice and consultancy.